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#BENIDORM · Culture offers an Organ Cycle in Sant Jaume and Santa Anna's church


The concerts will take place the last Friday of each month, except in summer. This Friday, January 27, the first concert of the Organ Cycle 2017 starts programmed by the department of Culture in Sant Jaume and Santa Anna's parish. A cultural proposal that aims to bring the public this unique instrument of Benidorm, one of the most important and prestigious in the Region of Valencia.

The Organ Cycle has presented this morning by the councilwoman of Culture, Ana Pellicer; the professors of Alicante Conservatory Juan Antonio Espinosa and Joxe Benantzi; and the priest of Sant Jaume and Santa Anna, Juan Antonio González. It will be developed throughout the year "the last Friday of each month", as Pellicer has pointed out with the aim of putting in value a musical instrument "unique" in "one of the most emblematic places" of Benidorm. Pellicer stressed that this proposal "complements the culture offer" that the city offers "neighbors and citizens who accompany us throughout the year."

The piano teacher of Alicante Conservatory, Juan Antonio Espinosa from Benidorm has emphasized that "the organ is part of the city" and has highlighted the "closeness" of this cycle of concerts played by four musicians from Alicante and the rest , closely linked with the Comunitat Valenciana. Espinosa defends "the popular side" of the instrument and bets to demonstrate to the public that the organ "is not boring" and can attract many lovers of music in the region and tourists, especially in Central Europe, appreciate this type of cultural activities.

On the other hand, the priest Juan Antonio González, emphasizes the enormous number of people that every day visits the church and all admire the majesty of the instrument. He even recalled that there is "an association of friends of the organ" whose purpose is to care and make it known. González reiterated "the disposition of the parish" and his in particular to collaborate with the City Hall in the promotion and diffusion of an organ "that is for all people from Benidorm".

Finally, the organ teacher of Alicante Conservatory, Joxe Benantzi, has defined music as an "intangible heritage" that "remains inside people, even if the memory erases it". The organ as an instrument has emphasized its importance in the liturgy: "a mass without organ is very sad," he said and welcomed the existence in the districts of Alicante of "a unique collection of organs" which he has defined as an "extraordinary heritage and wonderful quality" that we must offer our citizens. 

January 27th. Daniel Oyarzábal, organist of the Cathedral of Getafe and the National Orchestra of Spain.

February 24th. Javier Artigas, professor of organ of Conservatory of Music of Murcia.

March 31st. Francisco Amaya, organist, composer and professor of the Professional Conservatory of Torrent (l'Horta).

28th of April. Adolfo Gutiérrez, composer ex-professor of organ of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Alicante.

May 26. Joxe Benantzi, professor of organ and key of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Alicante.

October 27. Joan Boronat, organ teacher in Basel, harpsichordist and organist head of Cetra Barockorchester in Switzerland.

November 24.
Miguel Bernal, professor of organ of Real Conservatory Superior of Music of Madrid.

December 29th. Josep Vicent Giner, professor of organ of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Valencia.

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