viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

#BENIDORM · The city consolidates the five events of Benidorm Gastronómico, which begins in late February

Benidorm consolidates its calendar of gastronomic events with five appointments throughout the year, the first of them at the end of February. This calendar of the Benidorm Gastronómico 2017 has been presented this morning in an event organized by the Association of Bars, Restaurants and Cafes (Abreca) and the Department of Tourism in the municipal center El Torrejó and in which the mayor, Toni Pérez has participated as well as representatives of the municipal corporation and members of Abreca.

This event also served to introduce the new sponsors of Benidorm Gastronómico, Pedro Cintas and Juan Brotons -ex owners of the well-known restaurant Rías Baixas, which closed its doors a year ago, and who take over from Juan Orquín.

The president of Abreca, Javier del Castillo, explained that in this new edition "we are continuing the line of work" of the previous year, without adding new events "not to saturate the market." In this regard, Del Castillo advocated focusing efforts on activities and appointments that work "and seek to improve them."

The mayor and delegate of Tourism stressed that the calendar of Benidorm Gastronómico "is firm, is consolidated and fits with the municipality," when scheduling events outside the high season, "at a time when the city needs them to be done and neighbors also prefer it because they can enjoy them ".

Pérez recognized "the maximum effort" made by the restorers of Benidorm "to offer all, neighbors and diners of the region and the province, the best of your cusines"; While he has thanked Juan Orquín his work as a gastronomic godfather of 2016.

For their part, the sponsors of this edition indicated that, although we must bet on the culinary innovation, "do not forget traditional cuisine". They also highlighted the importance of gastronomy as a tourist product in Benidorm, and added that the challenge now is to maintain that level.

Benidorm Gastronómico 2017 opens with the VI Conference of the Spoon, from 25 February to 5 March. On May 16 it will be the turn of the II Gastronomic Fair; and from 10 to 18 June will be held the longest event: the VII Tapas and Pinchos Competition. After summer, from September 23 to October 1, it will take place the Second Contest of the Brochette; and from the 21st to the 29th of October the VI Days of Rice of the Earth that will close Benidorm Gastronómico.

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